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About Me

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The Moraga Schools have been a pride and joy for our community for as long as I’ve lived in Moraga, and I was born here, so that’s saying something. As a Realtor, I talk to many people looking to move to Moraga. When people tell me why they want to move to Moraga, the overwhelming answer is for the schools. Our schools are a jewel. Good schools make a good community.


I’m the son of a Moraga Education Resource specialist. She instilled in me the value of an excellent public school education. The Moraga schools have always held a special place in my heart and were the primary reasonI brought my family to Moraga some 16 years ago. 

Alexia and I make our home on Brandt drive, very close to where I grew up and my Mom, Arlene, still lives. Our daughter Kira is a budding videographer at my alma mater, Campolindo, and our son Ari is starting his first quarter at UCSB, both of whom went through the Moraga School District (MSD).


Our schools have faced unprecedented challenges in the last few years, and we will no doubt, be facing new challenges in the years to come. We need board members that understand what it means to be a fiduciary for the schools and the community, to be able to see the world through others’ eyes, and respect the views of all our residents. And above all else, help provide a safe nurturing environment for our kids to learn and thrive. 


Before being appointed to the Moraga School Board in 2020, I worked on a variety of Parent school committees, including School Site councils for Camino Pablo, Joaquin Moraga, and Campolindo, as well as the MSD coordinating council, PTA board for Joaquin Moraga, as a parliamentarian and Legislative Representative, YES on measure V committee, and I Chaired the Citizens Bond Oversite Committee. I have also served on several nonprofit boards, including The Crucible in Oakland, and the CCJCC in Walnut Creek. I am active in the community and a proud member of the Kiwanis of Moraga Valley. 


When I joined the Board, I said to the community, “I don’t have some grand personal agenda or vendetta, for wanting to serve on the Moraga School District Governing Board, just a strong desire to make sure our schools continue to perform at the high levels we are accustomed to, and to see that our community’s children have the opportunities that are provided with a good education.” 


My position has not changed. Should I be elected, I hope to continue to earn your trust. 

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