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Ballot Statement


Appointed Incumbent MSD Governing Board Member

I began serving on the school board in November 2020, about eight months into the pandemic. During this time, I have seen how our district responds in moments of crisis, the challenges our kids and teachers faced, and I got a crash course in fiduciary oversight, governance, and the importance of good judgment.

I’m the son of a Moraga School Resource Specialist, and the product of the Moraga School System (Campo Class of 86!). About 19 years ago I decided to move back to Moraga to raise our family, be close to my mom, and put our kids in the same schools so I fondly remembered.

As a realtor I know people move here for the schools. The MSD has an outstanding reputation, and I am committed to continuing that tradition. I have a strong background in operations, labor negotiations, finance, nonprofit board experience, and an MBA from St Mary’s. I bring two important attributes to the board. 1) I see the world through others’ eyes and respect all opinions, and 2) understand that the board’s fiduciary responsibility extends to the entire community, the students, the district, and the residents of Moraga.

When I joined the school board two years ago, I explained that I had no “agenda” beyond maintaining the high standards for Moraga’s K-8 schools and ensuring that all kids receive a quality education. My position has not changed. Should I be elected, I hope to continue to earn your trust. 

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