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These are the ideas that I am passionate about.

Good Schools make for a good community:
When the schools function at high levels of education, student wellness, parent involvement, and community support, the community as a whole benefit.

Our students need access to a high-quality public education that provides a well-balanced curriculum of reading, writing, math, and science, as well as music and the Arts. As a community, we owe it to our students to ensure they receive the educational foundation to become critical thinkers and thrive in an ever changing and competitive world.

Children need a safe place to learn:  We need to provide our students with a safe environment in which to learn. I believe that minimizing physical and mental stress helps our students to thrive and achieve their full potential. We need to continue with our community partners to improve campus safety and monitor our school climate survey results to react to trends so we can provide a positive learning environment.


Respect our students for who they are: It is not the district’s job to tell our students who they are, but it is our responsibility to listen to them when they tell us. As a district, we must provide our students with a respectful, inclusive, and encouraging environment, where they can shine as individuals.

Moraga’s greatest asset is our schools: As a Realtor, I talk to a lot of people looking to move to Moraga. When people tell me why they either want to come or came to Moraga, the overwhelming answer is for the schools. Maintaining our quality schools will continue to preserve our property values. Our schools are a jewel. Even if you don't have kids in the system, good schools make a good community. I will dedicate myself to keeping our schools financially solvent, structurally sound, and of the highest quality.

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